Mini Roulette Online Game

Mini Roulette Online Game is a version of one of the most popular casino games – roulette. It became extremely popular in the UK not that long ago, especially because it was available to play in both real and free versions.

The game was developed by NetEnt a few years ago, as an experiment. Everyone knows about the American and European roulette, but just like all great sports such as golf or football have their own miniature versions, NetEnt decided to dedicate one to the greatest casino game of all times.

Not only that this experiment got great feedback from the beta-testers, but it also spread worldwide in no time. People from all around the world heard about it and couldn’t wait for the official release. Nowadays, it has tens of millions of daily active users.

Not only that it brings something new and fresh to the online gambling industry, it also allows beginners to get familiar with the concept of the roulette wheel and table scheme. It uses only one-third of the original roulette wheel, and simplifies the process of placing bets and following the game for the new players.

Learn the Basics

If you have never encountered a roulette table, then Mini Roulette Online Game is a perfect to start. There are 5 fundamental fields you can place your chips on:

  • Numbers – A matching number multiplies the stake by x12;
  • Columns – x3;
  • Colors – Both red and black double up the chips;
  • Even/Odd – Just like the colors, these fields double up;
  • Half a Dozen – x2.

The only multipliers that change in the real roulette are the numbers and half a dozen turns into a dozen and rewards x3.

Always remember that you can place as many chips on the table in any position as long as the total amount is above the minimum and under the maximum stake limit.

Unlike in the American roulette, this one has only one green zero field (just like the European version). With one zero less, the house edge decreases while the theoretical Return to Player (RTP) goes up.

If you want to simplify the game of roulette, even more, make sure to check out some of the slot machines that have the elements of a roulette. They include numbers and colors as symbols and have other bonus fields implemented in the bonus or side-game features.

Play NetEnt’s Roulette for Real Money

First off, start by playing the free online version of the game, available on hundreds of websites in order to get comfortable with the wheel. No download nor registration is required in the fun mode and you can enjoy spending demo credits for as long as you like.

However, when you get to a point where you feel like depositing and gambling for real money is the right thing, make sure to find a reliable and popular casino. License and great bonus offers should be the first two things to look for.

Mini Roulette Online Game have specific strategies, and going through all of them or coming up with a new one is the key to winning. Those strategies usually require higher stake limits and increasing the chances of winning almost always goes with high limit requirements.

Have Fun Spinning!

Play free Mini Roulette Online Game with the intentions of having fun and being entertained, as that is what all casino games are made for primarily.

Even after you have registered, deposited and played for real money already, you can always switch back to the fun mode and use demo credits if you do not feel comfortable with gambling for cash.

Request the payout at any moment, but make sure to check the payment options and bonus withdrawal requirements prior to depositing in order to avoid confusion. Not all depositing methods are available for the withdraw process too, which can cause issues for some gamblers.

Even though this game does not include any jackpot prizes, you can always jump to some of the progressive slots which do have multiple jackpots, such as Evolution. These machines have it all:

  • Wilds;
  • Scatters;
  • Multipliers;
  • Bonus features;
  • Jackpots;
  • Mini-games.

Even though these type of slots are recommended to the more experienced players, everyone can try them out for free, without spending any money. If you find the casino that offers the no deposit bonus, you can still leave your credit/debit card balance untouched and play for real cash by claiming the addition.

Mini Roulette Online Game
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