Royale Roulette
Royale Roulette
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Royale Roulette is among the most exciting variations of the table game that has managed to attract the attention of hundreds of thousands on the web. On our website, the game is made available for free play without the requirement of account creation or cash deposits. The variation can be used to learn how to play Roulette Royale and familiarise yourself with the rules of the gameplay before investing real money in some of our recommended casinos. The Roulette Royale simulator can also be used to play for fun play for those not looking to place their money on the line for cash wins.

Features of Royale Roulette Game

Since its invention in the sixteenth century, this table game has maintained simplicity in both its layout and gameplay procedure, what is among the main reasons why it has managed to remain popular for so long. The gambling option adheres to the rules and layout of the European version, which is among the earliest variations of the gameplay and the most popular to date.
Playtech is behind the development of Roulette Royale game, which is among the driving factors for the game’s success online. The online gaming software provider is a revered force online for its mastery in the creation of games since it opened its doors in 1999. The experience it has gained during two decades of operation shows the games it produces which make it one of the top three players in the online gambling market. The software company is best known for the creation of slot games, but its prowess extends to the table games category as well, in which this gambling option falls.

What makes Roulette Royale free game different from the other variations is the inclusion of a progressive jackpot. In this kind of jackpot, the prize is pooled from the wins of players instead of being a fixed amount; this means that the amount is continuously growing to grant higher wins. To land the progressive jackpot win, all one has to do is place a jackpot side bet, and the payout is awarded when the ball lands in the same pocket five times consequently.

How to Play the Free Roulette Royale

It was developed in select style like most other roulettes by this software provider. The table on which it is laid is green like in most others as well as a wooden wheel that is developed in select three-dimensional style. The game carries thirty-seven pockets, just like nearly all other European variations – thirty-six pockets numbered one to thirty-six and one with a single zero. Half of the numbers are coloured red, while the others are coloured black, but the single zero is coloured green
Roulette Royale for fun play follows the same simple gameplay procedure as all other versions of the game. What all punters have to do is place stakes on a number, group of numbers, colour, or parity that they think the ball will land in. Some of the allowed stakes include:

  • Straight – one number
  • Split – two adjacent numbers
  • Street – three adjacent numbers
  • Colour – red or black
  • Parity – odd or even
  • Dozen – one to twelve, thirteen to twenty-four, or twenty-five to thirty-six.

The jackpot side bet lands wins when the consecutive wins start as low as two times, but the big prize is granted for five.

Roulette Royale: Our Conclusion

Due to the use of European game layout and rules, play free Roulette Royale provides good chances of landing wins. However, the chances of winning the progressive jackpot are slim. Even so, the massive payout provided is worth giving it a shot.

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