Aloha! Cluster Pays
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The company NetEnt again pleases fans of slot machines with a new development called Aloha! Cluster Pays slots. Everyone will be able to plunge into the world of tranquility and harmony of islands, palm trees and the beach. Bright colorful pictures and exciting adventures await those who decide to play in this slot machine.

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Aloha! Cluster Pays
Play for real money

A unique game system, there is no betting option playing the entire field you only choose the amount of money for 1 rotation.

Play free Aloha! Cluster Pays casino slot machine: this means that everyone can experience a new gaming machine, carefully study its interesting bonuses and enjoy the moments of free rounds and games.

Consider all the features of these bonuses and game processes: Since the slot Aloha! Cluster Pays is a development of NetEnt, it is quite expected that it is filled to the brim with various bonuses and additional features.

Cluster Pays: a cool feature, from which the name of the slot went. Winning symbols are held in place while you are able to run an additional spin. If during this spin one or more symbols are added to the already existing Cluster, the enlarged cluster remains stationary and you are given additional rotation. And this continues until one Cluster symbol is dropped out for one spin or all the symbols on the screen are the same, thereby maximizing the existing Cluster, and thus winning.

Free Spins in Aloha! Cluster Pays: A round of free spins in this slot is triggered when a corresponding symbol appears on the screen in the number of three or more pieces. The number of free spins depends on the number of dropped symbols: for 3, 4, 5 and 6 characters you will get 9, 10, 11 and 12 rotations respectively. In addition, the additional functionality should include the ability to remove from the drum symbols with small payments (Symbol Drop), replacing them more profitable, which allows you to increase the winnings in times!

You can find tables of possible victorious combinations in the information section of the game. Variations of victory are incredible, it means that the chance of winning increases at times. Also there is a detailed description of the bonuses and symbols that lead to their launch.

So enjoy the ocean waves, the sun and huge money together with a unique slot machine. He will give you unforgettable adventures, positive emotions, of course, will give an opportunity to become richer and happier. So do not waste time and try your luck, believe in victory and then the deity of distant islands will respond to your aspirations and give you your ancient treasures.

  1. For me the Aloha! Cluster Pays is the game with which I generally began my acquaintance with online slots and in some ways that’s why it’s for me something like a happy star. I do not always win because of my haste, but the chances are very high! Also I like the funny interface and really cool graphics) Hope one day this game also makes me very rich!

  2. Good day to all!

    And this is the same play, earn money at the same beach due to the chart I feel like I’m on vacation. I can always play in aloha-cluster free bonuses and enjoy the beauty of the game. This game is in winter always saves me from bad mood. Free spins are always easy to catch. The service works without glitches and easy to understand, the withdrawal of money is easy.

  3. I like the interface of this game – the ocean, the palm trees … it is very soothing and helps to relax after a busy day. I play mostly to relax and get positive emotions, money is not the most important thing for me in gambling but this game is rather generous and often rewards me a pleasant win! I hope this tendency to win will be with me always)))

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