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In the mid of June 2017, Microgaming released two games. Beautiful Bones was legally unleashed on 21 June. Jurassic World was released on 7 June. Both are accessible through an Android or a desktop computer. The name of this slot was improvised from the 2014 Jurassic Park movie. It garnered more accolades, unlike other adventuristic sitcoms. The name itself has taken this Microgaming game to another level. It is highly loaded with high-budgeted visuals coupled with advanced features. This Jurassic World casino slot online sets in with five reels and 243 Paylines. The dinosaurs act as the main characters. With a wide array of features to choose, you are ready to unlock the symbols one by one.
Play Jurassic World Slot
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There are plenty of bonus features in this game. That’s why you have to play Jurassic World slot machine online.

Two Special Symbols The Neon Symbol

  • It reflects as a long shining line
  • Appears on any reel

The Scatter Symbol

  • A non-motion mosquito appears only on the scatter symbol
  • 3 or more scatters adds you more free spins
  • 6 or more will add you ten free spins

T-Rex is another strange symbol of this video slot game. It is destined to appear on either side of the reel. His presence alone tops you with 1000x you current stake.

The moment you cross a winning line, the scenes from the Jurassic Park movie will evade on this games screen.

Other Features Include:

  • The Indominus – it appears during a base game when you win 3 to 5 times your wager.
  • Indominus Rex – It doubles your winnings close to 1,000x your total bet.

Amber scatters trigger of free spins when they appear on the reels. However, you have to get close to three or more of them. Free spins will randomly whirl around in all direction or locations. They include:

  • The Gyro Sphere Valley – The area is discovered when you receive ten free spins and a 2x multiplier as an addition. But this dinosaur leads you to a winning end. More free spins equal to more multipliers.
  • Creation Lab – The option appears when a new one replaces a winning symbol. The wild symbols and other scatter stay motionless. It is a continuous process that ends when you are out of free spins.
  • The rapture Den feature – As a player, you will earn ten free spins coupled with wild scatters. Although the scatters are held till you are awarded free spins.


Colored dinosaurs and four extra characters from the Jurassic Park movie complete this game. The top paying symbols are thespians. According to the min and max bet, Owen Brady takes the first position of 48. Claire Daring takes the second place with 42 pounds followed by Simon Masrani’s with 36. Vic Hoskins comes out with 30-pound maximum betting. The fossil mosquito is worth a 720 payout.

The RTP of this Jurassic World slot is 97%. Its vitality is at a medium level. Lucky to say this slot game doesn’t run out of unique features. The medium ranged vitality means that you won’t lose it all. You’ll keep on spinning and winning to the latter. Arm yourself with persistence and play Jurassic World game for real money. The Jurassic Game is a fixed and fortune telling game any day, any time.

Why You Should Play Jurassic World Casino Online

What’s interesting is that the game has loads of potential for a winning combination. With over 13,000 times your total wager, it is a sure bet. Don’t imagine but SPIN and WIN. With over 300 of casinos online, act like a real player. In between, have fun and anticipate more from the given jackpots. It is a fantasy themed game but brings back the movie back to reality. It’s worth a thousandfold, but only if you try it out.

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