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Noah’s Ark is a classic biblical themed online casino game developed by IGT gaming company. The game features and presents the theme as adapted from a biblical story of Noah and accompanied with numerous mystical and animal characters in the background. The theme of these animals in a wooden vessel and the gameplay resembles the same and the background music includes a wonderful greeting music along with situational tones for different gameplay occasions. These in game features can be manipulated any time by the players according to their choice and wish. The game has 30 paylines and 5 reels, backed up with a healthy RTP of 94%. The game doesn’t comes up with progressive bonus, which means the bonus cannot be accumulated in every round and instead gives the players a chance to score on every single round and keep the wager safe. The game can be played online and requires no registration and no download for those who prefer to play safe and free. For gamblers, there is always one feature of scoring more and can be played for real money as well. The game is available in all mobile operating system devices and is customized according to the compatibility.
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Rules of Playing Noah’s Ark Online

Noah’s Ark is an upscale slot game, which contains various symbols and features, which make the game more interesting than others. Although there is no main bonus scoring rounds or progressive bonuses, rest assured the features compensate a great deal nonetheless. Let us see the rules to play the game:

  • The game ensures a wonderful payout of 500000 coins, which can be won as the maximum amount ever. The coin betting range of the game starts from 1 pounds to 50 pounds range and the total coin limits can be extended to as much as 50 coins per line.
  • Players have the freedom to bet for 30 or lesser payout lines. The payline is so much extended, which ensures more winning chances than usual.
  • For winning big, it is always recommended to put wagers and bet on all the 30 lines, as it will maximize winning chance.
  • The game is non-progressive, thus winning chances are not at all dependent on previous wins or bets. On hitting the jackpot, the players can continue the game and proceed to the forth coming rounds and stands all the chances to win jackpots then again.

Winning Features in Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark slots come up with a huge coverage of bonus rounds and symbols, which results in giving out the players a wide payout. Let us see some of the bonus features and symbols:

  • The game comes up with features such as Wilds and Scatters, which plays a very crucial part in the game. The Wild symbol in the game is none other than the symbol of Noah’s Ark. The symbol, when it features on the scoring line, it replaces all other symbols except the scatter symbol. The game also allows a possibility of having to score winnings on the same payline and in the same round, in which case the higher paying reward will be considered as the main reward.
  • Scatter Symbol of the game is none other than the White Dove. The symbol appears as both split and single symbol, with either of the doves does helps in triggering the free spin features.
  • Animal symbols include lion, hippo, elephant, turtle and camel. Out of these animals, lion happens to be the most important and stands out at 2500 coins as valuation. There are two cards featuring these animals including split and single cards. The scoring valuation of split cards are the maximum, like for an instance on scoring 5 of these symbols with maximum of 10 lions will ensure a payout of 2500 coins to the player’s wager.
  • Alphabetical characters play lesser valued and the maximum payout is no more than 500 coins. These characters are A, K, Q and J.
  • Raining Free Spins is the best scoring feature of Noah’s Ark online game. The round is activated by scatters, and that results in six doves in any location to produce 10 spins and where 5 doves is similar to 5 free rounds. The round also unlocks a new animal series cards containing rams, crocodiles, giraffes, seagulls and zebras.
  • The Giraffe is the most productive of the lot and contains 2500 coins as the payout.

Noah’s Ark in a Nutshell

Noah’s Ark is a famous online slots machine game developed by the popular slot developers IGT gaming company. The game features biblical theme of Noah’s Ark and the vessel contain animal characters. The game boasts of features such as wilds and scatters, which forms the main crux of the gameplay and ensures the players play and score maximum coins.

Play free Noah’s Ark casino slot machine in various online platforms and it absolutely requires no downloads or registration and its available in countries such as UK and USA. However, for playing with real money, the game might require some more credentials.

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