Pretty Kitty
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Pretty Kitty slot game is not just for the feline lovers but for anyone who loves a dose of cuteness now and then. You may wonder what’s so different? Well, Microgaming has developed Pretty Kitty especially for those who love the pampering and the bling just like the kitties in this free casino online slot machine. With five reels and three layers, the combinations to win jackpots are plenty here. Along with the unlimited entertainment, the pay lines are limitless too, well almost close to that. To be precise, 243!

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Pretty Kitty
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The Gameplay

You win money every time left to right adjacent symbols form a combination.  With a user-friendly interface and a plethora of features for the player in this visually appealing game, Pretty Kitty casino slot online is sure to keep your cash registers ringing.

After you hone your spinning skills, you can choose to play Pretty Kitty Slot game for real money; as the gains are assured to be multi-folds. Developers of this online slot machine have made the game play even more exciting by doing away with the traditional concept of pay lines. Which means that there are 243 winning combinations that now allow you to snatch the loot.

With the furry beauties and the exotic jewels stacking up on the reels, the feeling of riches is hard to resist. You can trigger the Auto-spin and let the game play unfold. Or, you could set the custom number of spins on autopilot while you relish the pure joy of visual aesthetics in this game.

What Brings the Wins in Pretty Kitty Slot Machine

While playing Pretty Kitty slot machine online, you must be blindfolded not to recover more than your fair share.

  1. Base Game protocol allows any full symbols’ stack on the first reel to expand to all matching high paying symbols on the remaining reels. It happens only if the symbols form a winning combination.
  2. Free spins come with an additional bonus of expanding any full symbols’ stack on the first reel to all matching high paying symbols along with the Wilds on the remaining reels. This, however, is subject to the symbols forming a winning combination.
  3. A bejeweled collar forms the Scatter symbol. While you are busy being dazzled with all the bling, if a Scatter lands on the reels in a combination of 3, 4 or 5, you get 15 free spins!
  4. Play Pretty Kitty slot machine online and  rest assured of the best RTP. How? If the Pretty Kitty Logo gets stacked on the first reel while you enjoy the free spins, you are entitled to more free spins!
  5. Once the spins are rolling, your fate depends on your luck. So, choose your bets with the easy buttons on the play screen and set your stakes.

A touch of luxury and an overdose of beauty in this slot, that’s what makes this game so unique and addictive among other slots from various casinos online.

  1. Instead of a bonus, the machine gives a large amount of free spin during the game. Also I’m very pleased with the design, I love cats and here they are more than required. Fun animation and a good percentage of payments. Slot is interesting even if you play it in test mode and without money, try it, maybe this is your game …I lack a bit of drive and activity playing in this slot

  2. if you like to play at small stakes and at the same time love cats very much then the slot will really appeal to you. Wonderful idea. Also, freaks of backs, wild symbols that contribute to the increase of the deposit often enough fall out, and the whole game is very funny and even ridiculous somewhere. The main thing in time to stop as in all games of this kind

  3. I personally did not like the slot very much. Design is not very high quality, despite the excellent idea with cats, designers should have worked more qualitatively on design. But despite this, this slot sometimes brought me a prize, though I did not win big sums here, relatively small money can be won and successfully withdrawed thanks to this slot.

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