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The popular themed slot games are generally based on the fruits and the players seem to love these categories of slot game around the world. One such popular online slot game developed by World Match is Fruits Evolution which actually has a conventional gameplay thus keeping the gaming experience very simple yet very entertaining. If you really enjoy gulping the juicy fruits, you would certainly be entertained playing this slot game. This classic slot game takes the gambling to another level for its players and the best part is that there is no download required to play this game.
Play Fruits Evolution Slot
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Elements of Fruits Evolution

Online slot games shouldn’t be so monotonous that players get bored from it and lack interest in the gambling world. Players don’t find Fruits Evolution slots at all to be a dearth of features which assists the players to be engaged and utilize the various interesting gaming constituents of the game. The gaming graphics are of high quality, but that doesn’t mean that World Match has worked only in the graphics since it too boasts a splendid gameplay. Fruits Evolution has 5 reels and 25 pay lines and hosts a plentiful of options for the players. The pay lines can easily be adjusted based on the player’s preferences. The ‘Max Bet’ option lets the players wager at a maximum bet value and the ‘Autoplay’ option enables the game to be played automatically. The slot machine comprises of the juicy symbols namely cherries, a bunch of grapes, oranges, plums, and lemons. The general card symbols also do come into play during the gameplay like J, Q and K. There is also a bright jelly-like colored 7 which adds to the list of the symbols. In addition to these standard symbols, Fruits Evolution online slot game also consists of the wild symbol which is represented by Wild Evolution’s logo. This wild symbol replaces all the other symbols on the active pay lines except the special ones like the scatter symbol and a bonus game indicated by a bell icon. The scatter symbol is almost identical to a free spin which actually allows the player to trigger the spin without the cost of any bet amount. The bonus game feature is activated only when three or more such bonus game symbols appear on the slot machine. Finally, the free spin symbols are rewarded completely independent irrespective of any winning combinations of the standard symbols.

Astounding Payouts

One can easily play Fruits Evolution casino slot machine free of cost as it requires no real money to play this game and in return, it delivers huge payouts through its high paying symbols. The player even doesn’t require to deposit any cash to begin this game which clearly means that this online casino can be played absolutely free. The payouts received from the symbols are mentioned below :

  • The lemons and plums do pay up to 150 coins maximum.
  • The grapes pay up to 250 coins maximum.
  • 500 coins are rewarded for the oranges at the maximum.
  • A whopping 1500 coins maximum are provided.
  • The general card symbols do not pay as high as these fruity symbols yet they too help in increasing the coins if they get matched on the pay lines.
  • The red 7 symbol is the highest paying amongst all of these symbols in Fruits Evolution which gives maximum up to 2500 coins if all of these 5 symbols land on the pay lines.

The free spin symbols allow getting more free spins in this slot game which is a huge advantage over other slots. If the player is able to land 3 or more free spin symbols on the pay lines, the player is rewarded with 12 more free spins. While the Free Spin feature is triggered, the winnings get multiplied twice. The Bonus Game is activated whenever 3 bonus game symbols appear on the pay lines. There is not any progressive jackpot in Fruits Evolution but the players won’t certainly feel the need to have one since this slot game is packed with rewards through its symbols. This slot game has a huge payback rating of 98.1 % of the total bets that the players make.

Engaging Game Play

One cannot decline the fact that this UK developed online slot game is a game which has plenty to offer and the players can make full use of its offerings. It is quite relaxing as a game and the players feel delighted playing this generous slot game. Some of the merits which make Fruits Evolution a competitive one are its huge paybacks through the symbols and the special bonuses too and above all a brilliant eye-catching graphics to make the gaming play quite breathtaking.

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