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Kronos is a free to play mythological themed online slot game developed by WMS gaming. The game is widely renowned for being the first such games designed on a theme based of the first titan god of the Greek mythology in an online slot machine game. The game comes up for a demo version for free and the complete version is available for hardcore gambling splurges. The concept of the game is all about Kronos and his way to become the titan as per the mythology. Kronos slots come up with a modest 20 paylines and 5 reels. The coin level for a line happens to be fixed at 1. The game offers winnings in the form of what is earned with the help of Wild and Scatter and it does not have modern features such as bonus games or multipliers. The RTP of the game is a pretty appealing deal of 95.94% and assures the players of winning in most of the times.
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Rules to Play Kronos Slots

Kronos slot is a mythological based online slot machine software game, offers the players a complete experience of playing the very typical slot games with a historical themed background. Here are the set of rules to play and win a maximum prize out of this wonderful game:

  • The bet lines of the game are from 1 to 20 and the players are first required to set up the line limit to set up the gamble.
  • Bet Line: The bet line of the game is a penny slot, which means that the lowest possible value is 0.01 credits and it is a fixed point. The maximum size can be reached is 3.00 and this is applicable for the paylines as well, which can be manipulated anytime while playing the game.
  • Paytable is a window bar, which shows the features and all sorts of payment and process in the form of a summary. The most important job of this table is that it shows the arrangement of all the paylines and functionalities.
  • Autoplay: The autoplay feature comes very handy as it enables a wonderful winning chance to the players. The most important feature of this game is that it allows autoplay for unlimited times as per the player’s wish. The feature can be stopped only by pressing the stop option. Players should always ensure they have arranged the coin and betting levels as this feature will only run at a value and cannot be left empty.

Features of Kronos Online

Kronos is a casino game that operates in a very old-fashioned gameplay. Unlike many of the popular games of today’s date, Kronos doesn’t play the same way in providing multiplier features and bonus rounds. Although these features are missing, there are other feature rounds such as free spins and Wilds, which compensates for a very large part and shells out higher paylines.

Here are the two important symbols in details:

  • Wild: The Wild symbol of the game is none other than the lion head. The symbol is showing up on reels second, third and fourth. The symbol acts as a center trump card and will match the symbols of any missing symbols. For an instance, if there are two distinct symbols and if this symbol appears, it will add up to a winning round and ensures a win for that round.
  • Scatter: Scatter symbol is denoted by the “K” golden icon, which will generate 10, 25 or at the maximum of 100 extra symbols when the reel hits 3, 4 or 5. Once the symbol is landed a new page pops up showing the additional spin feature shows up.
  • The total winning features are matched the way they are matched in the main game for the scatters. The coin denomination remains in the same pattern as it was in the initial stages before the player activates it.

Try Out Your Luck with a Kronos Slot

Kronos online is arguably one of the best Greek mythological game ever developed by WMS, offers the players a new experience altogether. The game is completely based on Wild and Scatters, which plays a very important role in scoring a win and most importantly high jackpots for the players, as this is one such game which doesn’t comes up with bonus rounds. The theme itself is so catchy and the prize amount being so modest has a lot of fanfare than many other such slot machine games dealing with the theme of mythology.

Play free Kronos casino slot machine game and the features of the gameplay are available for a temporary time period. For real money customers, the game is available to play in countries like UK and USA for 24×7. It is available online and requires no download separately to play. Although the game can alternatively be downloaded completely for free.

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